Welcome to ITLogServer


ITLogServer extends the functionality of iTech Logging with client-server features. These extensions enable you to use iTech Logging in still more application areas and for more tasks.


ITLogServer is a stand-alone log server that runs as a Windows service and provides all the functionality known from ITLogLib, including output buffering, multiple logchannels, various output adapters, logchannel forwarding and online configuration.


ITLogServer Manager – as described in this online help – provides the administration user-interface for ITLogServer.


Using ITLogServer requires no additional source code or client-server programming knowledge. Just use ITLogLib as before. The only thing to do is to reconfigure the ITLogLib instances used by your applications to make them a client of ITLogServer.


In detail each client logchannel can be configured separately. So you can decide for each logchannel, whether its output should go to log files as before or to the server. As ITLogServer supports multiple logchannels as well, each client logchannel can be mapped to a different server logchannel.


Use ITLogServer if you want to collect and merge log messages

·      of different applications/processes

·      of different components of one application, written in different languages

·      of multiple runs (restarts) of an application.


We recommend to use ITLogLib directly as far as possible, especially if

·      you have different unrelated applications/processes

·      different components of one application can share the same ITLogLib variant although they are written in different languages
Example: C# and VB .NET components can share one instance of ITLogLib/.NET.

·      you don’t want to merge the output of different runs (restarts) of an application


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