Setting up your ITLogServer


If you have installed ITLogServer using the iTech Logging Setup then you have to do nothing. Otherwise:

·      If ITLogServer is not already registered on your system by the iTech Logging Setup, execute the shipped batch file “ITLogServer_reg.bat” to register ITLogServer as a Windows service.
After successful registration ITLogServer appears in the list of Windows services.

·      Start the ITLogServer Manager and select a configuration file pressing the "Find..." button.
You can use the shipped configuration file “ITLogServer.icf”.

·      To edit the selected configuration press the “Edit Config File…” button to open ITConfigManager with the current configuration file.



·      Do not register ITLogServer if it is located on a virtual drive (see Windows subst statement).

·      If you do not want to use the uninstaller and want to manually unregister the ITLogServer service use “ITLogServer_unreg.bat”.


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