Virtual Drives and UNC Paths

If you have defined virtual drives on your machine (using the Windows subst statement) make sure not to use these names in paths for configuration files or logchannel directories, because ITLogServer is running as a Windows service (and thus do not know the virtual drives).

So please

·      do not select a configuration file located on a virtual drive

·      do not use virtual drive names when specifying a logchannel directory




If you want to use UNC paths for your configuration or logfile locations, you may not run ITLogServer using the system account.


To use UNC paths from Windows services:

·      open the service properties for ITLogServer (double click the ITLogServer in the Windows service list)

·      switch to the Logon property page

·      select the “Log On As -> This account” option and

·      enter for example your login name and password