Introduction to iTech Logging (ITL)

iTech Logging (ITL) is a product by iTech Software. It was designed to simplify the process of extending applications with professional logging output.


Here is how to use iTech Logging and what components it consists of:

      You extend your application to produce logging output, in the form of iTech Logfiles (*.ilf) text logfile (*.txt) or web pages (*. HTML). You do this by using the iTech LogLib (ITLogLib), which comes in different variants (see the link).

      You analyze the logfiles using iTech LogBook (ITLogBook), an up-to-date and user-friendly graphical Windows application for the quick and flexible viewing and analysis of logfiles, using logmessage filters.

      The output of your application respectively its internal iTech LogLib is controlled by a configuration file (*.ICF). When this file is changed during the runtime of your application then iTech LogLib notices that and reacts to the parameter changes.
The configuration files are normal text files, so you can process them using your favorite tools. But in most cases it should be easier to use
iTech Logging Configuration Manager (ITConfigManager), another Windows application, to view and edit them.