iTech LogLib (ITLogLib)

iTech LogLib (ITLogLib) is the code library that is used to equip applications with professional logging. iTech LogLib is part of iTech Logging and comes in several variants, customized for different software development environments.


Currently the following variants are available for Windows:


ITLogLib / .NET

ITLogLib variant for .NET

ITLogLib / COM

ITLogLib variant for all development environments which can use COM objects

ITLogLib / Visual C++

ITLogLib variant for Visual C++

ITLogLib / Standard C++

ITLogLib variant for standard C++ compilers (Borland, GNU, etc.)

ITLogLib / Java

ITLogLib variant for Java

ITLogLib / Delphi

ITLogLib variant  for Delphi

ITLogLib / Win32

ITLogLib variant as standard Windows DLL (procedural interface)



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