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      The 2nd generation logging solution


    iTech Logging product & evaluation videos

            Product Video: iTech Logging Introduction             ( 4 min. Video )

            Product Video: Getting Started for C++                 ( coming soon )

            Product Video: Getting Started for Visual Basic      ( coming soon )

            Product Video: Working with ITLogBook                ( coming soon )


    iTech Logging HTML Help Online

            Getting Started

             iTech Logging libraries

                ITLogLib2 / .NET

                ITLogLib2 / COM

                ITLogLib2 / Visual C++

                ITLogLib2 / Standard C++

                ITLogLib2 / Java

                ITLogLib2 / Delphi

                ITLogLib2 / Win32

            iTech Logging tools




    iTech Logging source code snippets (useable for easy copy & paste)

            Source code snippets for C++

             Source code snippets for Visual Basic

             Source code snippets for Delphi

             Source code snippets for C#                                ( coming soon )

             Source code snippets for Visual Basic .NET            ( coming soon )

             Source code snippets for Java                              ( coming soon )


    We provide consultation on the application of iTech Logging in your projects.

    We inform you about the latest developments.

    We provide the most recent product versions for electronic download.



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