Pre-registered Module, pre-registered Case

Modules and Cases can be pre-registered -- and should be. Pre-registration is done by listing them in the configuration file. Of course you can do this with the Configuration Manager.


The list of pre-registered Modules and Case is copied to the logfiles produced by the logging application. Immediately after opening such a logfile in the LogBook it displays the full lists of these Modules and Cases and you can use them for defining filters.


When an unregistered Module or Case is used the first time in your application, a special logmessage with Module = LOG and Case = UNREG MOD (respectively UNREG CASE) is generated by ITLogLib. These kinds of system logmessages signal to ITLogBook the occurrence of a non-pre-registered Module (or Case). ITLogBook then adds the Module (or Case) to its list of Modules (or Cases).


The list of Modules and Cases is online updateable. Thus you can update it in ITConfigManager and your application will use the updated lists without needing to be restarted. From then on the newly created logfiles will contain the updated lists of Modules and Cases.