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ItLogLib2DotNet Assembly

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iTechSoftware.ITLogLib2 Namespace

This is the namespace of ITLogLib2/.NET, the .NET-DLL (or assembly) variant of the logging library from iTech Software.

Inheritance Hierarchy


ITLogLib Provides access to the global methods and properties of the logging library.
ITLogMsg Represents a logmessage being prepared for output in a (output) logchannel.
ITOutputLogChannel Represents an output logchannel (short: logchannel), which is an output stream for logmessages.


ITLogLevel ITLogLevel defines the level (or importance) of a logmessage, called its LogLevel. The LogLevel is displayed in the ITLogBook application and can be used there to filter logmessages.


To get an introduction to ITLogLib2/.NET and ITLogging2, read the introduction topics of this help file.

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ItLogLib2DotNet Assembly



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