iTech Logging                        Version 2.6.10

      The 2nd generation logging solution


Version 2.6.10 contains the following changes:

bullet Ported to Visual Studio 2010:
bullet Virtually all parts of iTech Logging were ported now to Visual Studio 2010.
The only exceptions are the ITLogServer Manager, developed with Visual Basic 6, and ITLogLib2/.NET2 for the .NET-Framework 2 and 3, developed with Visual Studio 2005.
bullet New Setup program:
bullet The Setup was also made with Visual Studio (2010) now. (Prior to this InstallShield was used.)
bullet Please note:
  • We recommend to deinstall the old Setup first if you want to avoid some old, nonfunctioning shortcuts in the Start menu and below "\Program Files\iTech Logging 2", but normally those shortcuts shouldn't really bother you.
  • The new Setup doesn't ask for the license key any more. The license key now must be always entered in ITLogBook. If you start ITLogBook for the first time, it immediately prompts for the license key.
  • The new Setup doesn't register the ITLogServer service (a Windows service) automatically in the system.
    If you need this service, you can register it easily by executing "ITLogServer /Service". This action is required only once per machine.
bullet ITLogBook:
bullet The registration of the license key has been adapted for the User Account Control (security prompts for critical operations) of Vista, Windows 7 etc., regarding the usage of limited-rights user accounts.
bullet Reduction of functionality:
bullet ITLogLib2/.NET removed: The LogLib2/.NET for the .NET-Framework 1.x isn't contained anymore in the new Setup.
If you still need it, you can get it from the previous Setup (version 2.6.1).
bullet ITLogLib2/Java and ITLogLib2/Delphi removed: Here the same holds as in the previous item.
(If there were great demand, with some effort these ITLogLib variants could be reintroduced.)

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