iTech Logging                        Version 2.5.1

      The 2nd generation logging solution


Version 2.5.1 contains improved initialization checks of the ITLogLib variants:


Aufzählung ITLogLib variants: When opening a logchannel with output to logfiles (in contrast to output sent to ITLogServer) now the first logfile of the logchannel is created immediately and an error returned if this fails, i.e. especially if the base directory doesn't exist or the access rights are unsuffient.

In the past the logfile was created only when the first logmessage was to be written, which made the detection of errors such as mentioned above difficult.

The new behavior doesn't apply only when you call ITLogLib.OpenLogChannel() to open a logchannel. It also affects the general initialization method ITLogLib.Initialize(), because the latter internally opens the default logchannel 'StdLog'.




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