iTech Logging                        Version 2.4.3

      The 2nd generation logging solution


Version 2.4.3 provides some bugfixes:


Aufzählung ITLogLib/.NET: A big memory leak in ITLogLib/.NET, the .NET edition of ITLogLib, is removed now. The leak on average had consumed 80 MB per output of 1,000,000 logmessages.
Aufzählung ITLogBook: Logfiles with very long Module and Case identifiers are now supported. Up to now ITLogBook silently quitted when loading such files. The actual cause of the problem were the size limits of the Windows ListView control.
Aufzählung Small ITLogLib API correction: If a logmessage gets suppressed (by the output filter or in the trial mode upon expiration of the trial time of 15 minutes after program start), then ITLogMsg.Send() and ITLogMsg.Cancel() were returning false, without setting the global error code and error message. The correct behavior is to return true.





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