iTech Logging                        Version 2.4.2

      The 2nd generation logging solution


New Feature


Aufzählung Free Edition: Now besides the familiar trial mode,  there is also a time-unlimited Free Edition mode.

This new mode has the following features respectively limitations:
Aufzählung only one logchannel (default logchannel "StdLog")
Aufzählung 3 MB logfile storage in the current directory of your applications (3 files a 1 MB)
Aufzählung no output filtering
Aufzählung no online configuration
Aufzählung output only in the ILF file format, that is no support for TXT, HTML, XML and similar configurable text format file output

To activate the Free Edition mode, you have to select the license key "FREE" now provided in the Setup program.
To initialize the ITLogLib libraries in your programs in the Free Edition mode, use this license key there too.





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