iTech Logging                        Version 2.4.0

      The 2nd generation logging solution


New - ITLogServer Version 1.1.0 *


Aufzählung ITLogServer service: ITLogServer is available as a Windows service.
Aufzählung ITLogServerManager: An interactive user interface for the ITLogServer service is provided by ITLogServerManager.
With this application the logging service can be started or stopped explicitly. Additionally, it reports the most important state messages, for example when a client application connects to the server or automatically opens an associated server logchannel.
Aufzählung Auto start: If necessary, the ITLogServer is started automatically by its clients (ITLogLib).



Aufzählung Performance improvement: The file output of the various ITLogLib variants and ITLogServer was revised. As a result the output speed could be increased considerably.
Aufzählung Logfile merging: ITLogBook now supports appending logfiles (in alphabetical order) located in any single directory. Previous ITLogBook versions only supported this feature for logfiles within the special directory structure generated by ITLogLib.
Aufzählung Logfile directory: Logfile paths now may contain environment variables (for example '%TEMP%\MyLogFiles') and may be relative (for example  '.\StdLog').
Aufzählung Simple samples: Additional simple samples for Visual C++ and Visual Basic.
Aufzählung Redistribution: Simplified installation of  ITLogBook and ITConfigManager in case of redistribution to your end users (see 'iTech Logging Redistribution License').
Aufzählung Visual Studio .NET 2003 support: Beside 'Visual Studio .NET 2002' now the iTech Logging Setup also supports 'Visual Studio .NET 2003' correctly.
Aufzählung Improved .NET conformance: The Setup now registers the ITLogLib / .NET assembly according to the new Microsoft guidelines to make it available in all .NET developement environments.
Aufzählung ITLogServer installation *: ITLogServer and ITLogServerManager are now integrated in the general iTech Logging Setup.



Aufzählung Deinitialize: Invocation of the ITLogLib Deinitialize function sometimes resulted in a deadlock situation. This bug is fixed now.
Aufzählung HTML Output: The ITLogLib and ITLogBook adapters for HTML formatted output replace the control sequences '&', '"',  '<' and '>' in logmessage texts with the sequences '&amp;', '&quot;', '&lt;' or '&gt;'.
Aufzählung Module / Case: ITLogBook displays logmessages with empty Module or Case specifiers correctly now. In previous version empty strings where not allowed for these specifiers.
Aufzählung ITLogBook filter: The parentheses '(' and ')' are now allowed in filter names, Module and Case specifiers and in search strings.
Aufzählung MS service pack integration: All affected components were built with the current 'Microsoft Visual Studio 6 Service Pack 6'.

   * The usage of ITLogServer and ITLogServerManager requires an  'ITLogServer License'.





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