iTech Logging                        Version 2.3.0

      The 2nd generation logging solution


New features - ITLogLib


Aufzählung XML Output: Each logchannel can be configured to write its logmessages in XML format. So for example the generated logfiles can be used in other XML applications for further processing.


Aufzählung Log Server Output: Each logchannel can be configured to send its logmessages to a log server ( ITLogServer ) instead of writing them directly to logfiles.


Aufzählung UNC Paths: ITLogLib now supports UNC paths for logfile directories.


Aufzählung Unbuffered Write Out: Each logchannel can be configured to send its logmessages immediately to its destination (logfile or ITLogServer).


Aufzählung Output Buffer Limit: Each logchannel can be configured to block sender(s) of logmessages when the logchannel output is slower than its input.


New features - ITLogBook


Aufzählung XML Export: Analysis results can not only be exported as text files or web pages but also as XML files, optionally using your special layout (for file header, file footer and logmessages). ITLogBook provides the same template mechanism as ITLogLib for exporting logmessages as formatted text, HTML and XML files. Output templates can easily be created, modified and used.


Bugfix - iTech Logging Setup


Aufzählung .NET Check: In earlier versions, if you selected the default install options which included the .NET related features, on systems without installed .NET runtime the Setup display a cryptical error message and rolled back the installation process again. The new Setup takes into consideration whether .NET is installed or not.


Bugfixes - ITConfigManager (ITLogLib)


Aufzählung Unlimited Pre-Registration: The number of pre-registered module names / case names was limited, depending on the length of these names (cut after 4096 characters in the configuration file). This limited is removed now.


Aufzählung LogDirectory Setting Robustness: As the last character in the LogDirectory setting a slash or backslash is allowed now.





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