iTech Logging                        Version 2.2.3

      The 2nd generation logging solution


New features


Aufzählung Negative write-out filters: ITLogLib (all variants) and ITConfigManager now support negative write-out filters, so you can (per logchannel) suppress logmessages of selected module or cases. Look at the extended "Edit Write-Out Filter" dialog in ITConfigManager and the corresponding documentation in the online help.


Further improvements


Aufzählung Compile-time checks for ITLogLib/COM: VB6 and other COM clients now check the use of the COM API when compiling.


Aufzählung VB6 inspectors support for ITLogLib/COM: VB6 now displays the values of the ITLogMsg and other objects in the Locals and Watch windows


Aufzählung Improved evaluation notices: In evaluation mode when the 15 trial minutes after program start are over, you now get informed about that circumstance by special logmessages. In earlier versions the logmessage output simply ceased without notice.


Aufzählung Improved copy&paste from the online helps: Now you can copy text (especially sample code) from the ITLogLib online documentations without being disturbed by a mix-in of copyright notices for the texts.


Bugfixes in ITLogLib


Aufzählung Initialization retry bugfix: One user noticed that if the ITLogLib initialization failed and you retried, you could get GPFs. We fixed this.


Aufzählung LogMsg.Add() fix: In earlier versions it was possible to add text to a logmessage even after calling Send(). This is fixed now.


Aufzählung NULL vs. "" (ITLogLib/Visual C++): There was still a method returning string values (char*) which could also return the NULL value: ITOutputLogChannel::GetCurrentLogFile(). Now it returns "" in these cases, which is more user-friendly.





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