iTech Logging                        Version 2.2.0

      The 2nd generation logging solution


New features - iTech Logging Setup


Aufzählung iTech Logging version 2.2.0 is shipped with a new Windows Installer based setup. The setup includes all variants of ITLogLib with special online help and source code samples for the different programming languages.


New variants - ITLogLib


Aufzählung ITLogLib / Standard C++
Beside the variant for Microsoft Visual C++, now a variant of the logging library is available for all additional standard C++ compilers (GNU, Borland, etc.) on Windows.

Aufzählung ITLogLib / Java
a special variant of ITLogLib for pure Java environments (Windows).

Aufzählung ITLogLib / Delphi
a special variant of ITLogLib for Delphi environments.

Aufzählung ITLogLib / Win32
a standard Windows DLL with procedural API for programming with C and other languages.


The API of the different ITLogLib variants are optimized for the supported programming languages, avoiding COM communication (alternatively you can use the ITLogLib/COM variant).
Each variant includes a detailed online help and
source code samples.


New features - ITLogLib


Aufzählung Text Output: Each logchannel can be configured to write its logmessages as plain text. The generated logfiles can e.g. be imported from MS Excel or other applications for further processing.

Aufzählung HTML Output: Each logchannel can be configured to write its logmessages in HTML format. Thus your application is able to generate web pages which can be viewed over the internet or used as special runtime reports.

Aufzählung Output Templates: For each logchannel the layout for plain text and HTML logfiles dynamically can be adopted to your special needs. ITLogLib uses output templates to format its generated logfiles. ITConfigManager can create text or HTML templates which can be modified easily with common text or HTML editors and attached to one or more logchannels.


Aufzählung Helper finctions: ITLogLib now provides some useful helper functions, e.g. to start ITLogBook with a current logfile or ITConfigManager with ITLogLib's configuration file.


Aufzählung Quick Save Logfiles: The currently used logfile now can be moved from its location, e.g. to quickly save the logged context up to an occured error or problem situation. For subsequent logmessages a new logfile will be created automatically by ITLogLib.


New features - ITLogBook


Aufzählung Logmessage Export: Analysis results simply can be exported as text files or web pages, optionally using your special layout (for file header, file footer and logmessages). ITLogBook provides the same template mechanism as ITLogLib for exporting logmessages as formatted text or HTML files. Output templates can easily be created, modified and used.


Aufzählung Detail Dialog Navigation: The Detail Dialog now allows navigation between all (filtered) logmessages, for quickly viewing the detailed logmessage text.


Aufzählung Detail Dialog Search Support: The search functions (Find, FindNext, FindPrevious) additionally can be applied to the logmessage text diplayed in the Detail Dialog.


Aufzählung Extended Window Title: For your information the application name, logchannel name and computer name of the logging application optionally can be displayed in the ITLogBook's Window title.





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