iTech Logging                        .NET Version 2.1.1

      The 2nd generation logging solution


ITLogLib2 / .NET is a new variant of the ITLogLib2 logging library family. It is tightly integrated into Windows .NET and - if you are using it - Visual Studio .NET.


New features - iTech Logging / .NET


Aufzählung The new additional Windows Installer based Setup extends existing iTech Logging 2.1.1 installations with the new ITLogLib2/.NET assembly (DLL), documentation and sample.

Aufzählung The ITLogLib2/.NET assemly can be installed to a local directory, the Windows .NET global assembly cache (GAC) and/or the Visual Studio .NET public assemblies directory.

Aufzählung Online documentation in HTML Help 1 format (CHM file) is provided for quick standalone viewing.
You can view this format even when you haven't installed the .NET Framework SDK, a current MSDN edition or Visual Studio .NET on your machine.

Aufzählung Online documentation in the new HTML Help 2 format is provided for standalone or Visual Studio .NET integrated viewing.
This help can be added to the Visual Studio .NET Combined Help Collection. Then you will find it as one of the books in your Help Collection. Also supports the F1 key and the new Dynamic Help during programming.

Aufzählung Includes a detailled Visual Basic .NET sample.

Aufzählung Support for the proven ITLogLib2 API. Almost 100% Visual Basic source code compatible for users of the existing ITLogLib2/COM-DLL.

Aufzählung xcopy deployable: The ITLogLib2/.NET assembly can be deployed simply by copying it to the target computer ("xcopy deployment"). No COM or other registration is needed!





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