iTech Logging                        Version 2.0.4

      The 2nd generation logging solution


New features::


Extended ressource management:
Each time ITLogLib is loaded a new sequence of logfiles will be generated from its output channels. 
Now you may not only configure the maximum disc space for each logfile sequence but also define the number of sequences (generated on prior program executions) to save.
Each time your application is started ITLogLib automatically deletes the oldest logfiles unless they have read-only properties or are used by other applications (e.g. ITLogBook).


ITConfigManager extensions:
The extended ressource management parameters can be edited for each output channel comfortably through the ITConfigManager.


Save analysing results:
ITLogBook allows to save the currently filtered or selected logmessages to a different logfile in order to save the results of an analysing process. 
This functionality allows to extract all logmessages that describe an identified error or problem situation including its execution context for future handling through the software developers.





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