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PSI Transportation GmbH


PSI Transportation setzt iTech Logging in einem verteilten Softwaresystem für einen Kunden im Bereich des öffentlichen Personennahverkehrs ein.

Der Einsatz erstreckt sich auf 16 kooperierende Windows NT Server sowie ca. 70 Windows NT Arbeitsplatzrechner.
Die Software ist in Visual C++, Visual Basic und Visual J++ geschrieben und protokolliert permanent ca. 2MB Logdaten pro Minute auf jedem der im Dauerbetrieb laufenden Server.

Seit August 2002 wird iTech Logging unternehmensweit in zahlreichen weiteren Projekten eingesetzt, unter anderem auch in unserer ITLogLib/.NET-Variante.



Um die Kosten für Wartung und Hotline zu senken, erweitert Razorcat ihr Produkt TESSY (Testsystem für Embedded Software) nachträglich um iTech Logging
Protokolliert werden in erster Linie die umfangreichen System-Parametrierungen und Benutzeraktionen auf den zahlreichen Kundensystemen.
Die Software ist in Borland C++, GNU C++ und C geschrieben.




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 Empfehlungen unserer Kunden


Chyron Corporation


"When developing high end, mission critical on air products the importance of a reliable event logging system can never be underestimated.  During the development of a new product line, we realized that we had very demanding requirements for an event logger.  We needed a system that could log messages into one log file from several processes and mixed development languages and platforms.  Before “rolling our own” logger we researched off the shelf logging systems to see if we could find one that met our criteria.  We came across iTech Logging and were impressed at the support for various languages, and with a little help from the folks at iTech Software we soon had a system that fully met our needs. 


We integrated iTech Logging during the very early stages of our product development cycle.  We relied heavily on the log files generated by iTech Logging as we took our product through development, testing and deployment.  After we deployed our product we realized we had never encounter any problems or issues with the iTech Logging component, it was always there for us never got in our way and provided reliable logging in all situations.  Once integrated, we never had to think about logging concerns again.


Not only had we found a flexible and reliable logging solution, we also found a company that actually delivers what it promises."


Peter Morrone

Chyron Corporation


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